Mission & Vision

CONCEPT POP was conceptualized by artist and musician Donny Taylor in 2012 and started as an idea for a book, combining his art, music and poetry that he had crafted and collected for many years prior.

In 2013, he joined forces and married web designer and photographer Molly T. Taylor.  The two worked together on Bridge Street in their studio in Historic Ashtabula Harbor.

On December 27th 2015, Donny Taylor died.

Today, Molly T. Taylor proudly carries on the name of CONCEPT POP in honor of her late husband and in the ultimate spirit of  love, understanding, forgiveness, passion and creativity.

“It is the first vision that counts. Artists have only to remain true to their dream and it will possess their work in such a manner that it will resemble the work of no other artist-for no two visions are alike, and those who reach the heights have all toiled up the steep mountains by a different route.  To each has been revealed a different panorama.”

-Albert Pinkham Ryder