It all began in the Spring of 2014. Donny and I met Amy and Anthony to discuss their upcoming wedding that summer and we were excited they chose us as their wedding photographers.  Little did we all know what the following year would have in store!

Anthony is originally from Ashtabula, where they were planning to marry in the summer and the setting for a majority of our photo shoots starting with their engagement session in the spring.  Amy, originally from Pennsylvania, has an admiration for the beauty and scenic views of Historic Ashtabula Harbor and naturally chose a classic royal blue nautical theme for their wedding and Bridge Street as their photo shoots for the upcoming month’s events.

Amy and Anthony  - engagement

Amy and Anthony – Engagement session on Bridge Street, Ashtabula Ohio

Amy and Anthony    Amy and Anthony

Amy and Anthony

The ceremony was held on a beautiful Saturday afternoon.  We couldn’t have asked for a better day and perfect weather to take the wedding day pictures, which started with Amy’s ‘getting ready’ routine and spanned the rest of the day including the ceremony and bridal party pictures on Bridge Street in Ashtabula Harbor and Geneva on the Lake.

Amy and Anthony were relaxed throughout the day and such a pleasure to work with as were their bridal party and friends and family.    The nautical-theme reception, with decor from Designs by Bernie, was a celebration of tight-knit friends and family and truly a lovely celebration of the beauty of the friendship between these two newlyweds.

Amy and Anthony - ceremony

Amy and Anthony – The ceremony

Amy and Anthony Amy and Anthony  Amy and Anthony

Fast forward several months, and we got an email from an excited Amy announcing her pregnancy!  Of course we were so happy for her and Anthony, and she asked if we would capture he pregnancy at the same place where her and Anthony had their wedding and engagement photos just a few months earlier.

We returned to Bridge Street in March of 2015 to capture the glowing couple at about 7 months pregnant – along with their two other children in the family of course, that of the 4 legged kind.  It was a typically Ashtabula chilly day with winds off of the lake, but Amy was a pro and didn’t let it bother her (at least she didn’t let on if it did) exposed belly and all.  Thank you Amy for braving the cold for us to get the shot!

Amy and Anthony - pregnancy

Amy and Anthony – Pregnancy session on Bridge Street Ashtabula Ohio

Amy and Anthony   Amy and Anthony Amy and Anthony

Which brings us to the most exciting of all, finally meeting Angelo the new bundle of joy.   For this shoot we traveled to Amy and Anthony’s home.  Angelo was only about 3 weeks old and Amy was a bit nervous at first if he would stop eating long enough to cooperate for the pictures.  That little guy sure does have an appetite!

As with most newborn shoots, we captured plenty of stages of the day but little Angelo was a perfect model – so attentive and interested in what we were doing and even a little fascinated with the camera at times.  We saw his little yawns, cute stretches, and even his tiny toes adorned with Amy and Anthony’s wedding rings from earlier that year.

Amy and Anthony - Angelo

Amy and Anthony and baby makes 3!


Amy and Anthony  Amy and Anthony Amy and Anthony

Many congratulations to Amy and Anthony for an exciting year and for allowing us to be a part of it all by capturing these moments for them for years to come.