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Living a busy life as multimedia artists building a company from the ground up it seems we have little time for ourselves some days. I’m sure many people feel the same about their own hectic schedules. This week turns into next week in the blink of an eye and then before you know it the seasons change and new opportunities arise. Finishing up one project and starting another feels much like the change of seasons. The ebb and flow of creativity, working with your spouse and being newlyweds and trying to keep it all together is a challenge.

So, when Emily at The Joyful Life offered us the chance to work on her website and capture aspects of The Joyful Life through photography while staying a week , naturally we jumped at the chance. The Joyful Life offers Reiki,  Yoga  and Yoga Nidra in Ashtabula, Ohio.


The greatest gift the The Joyful Life has given us is strengthening the connections we allow ourselves to make with one another and most importantly to our universal spirit worlds.  Such connections appear before us to awaken us. We CAN decide the future we would like to create by our thoughts and actions.

The power of free will guides us to create the lives we want in fine detail.  Harnessing the power of thought, while using the energy of our emotions, gives us the opportunity to bring greater meaning, love and consideration towards ourselves and to others.

We are all artists.  Mastering the art of the power of consciousness to build and create a greater vision of ourselves is a door we all have inside of us; a door that The Joyful Life has given us the key.

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